Tomorrow will be more creative – I’d stake my reputation on it

“Let’s be provocative. Digital technology has not been a revolution. What it ushered in has been an amazing expansion of opportunity, opening up incredible ways of communicating with one’s audience.

There is only one certainty I’m prepared to stake my reputation on. Tomorrow will be more creative than today. Not that everyone in the world of communication will agree with that. There are those that believe rich data, or big data as some call it, will be the answer to all their problems. The idea that reducing us all to a set of algorithms will provide the answers commerce needs, is of course laughable. But there will always be fools that somehow believe this nonsense.

It is important to understand that technology creates opportunity, but it’s creativity that creates value.

Over the past decade, we’ve been told by the digerati that television was dead and online is the future. What we weren’t told by these oracles of wisdom is exactly what people were engaging with online. They were actually engaging with the broadcast world, spreading its fame and influence. Broadcast deployed greater creativity, creating programmes and series that captivated their audiences.Breaking Bad is all you have to say here. The online world became the tools of these masters, spreading their fame to an ever growing audience. More than ever the power of captivating storytelling became the weapon of choice for those wishing to become culturally and commercially important.

Read the full article: Source: Sir John Hegarty: ‘Tomorrow will be more creative – I’d stake my reputation on it’


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