Cultural politics & software language

For fear of sounding like a George Orwell fangirl by (mis)quoting him twice in two weeks, all language is political.*

What do I mean by this? Not that all language falls somewhere on a political spectrum, but that power relationships play out on a linguistic level. Language does not (or tends not to) exist in a vacuum: its purpose is communication in some guise or another. Using language implies a speaker/writer and an audience: either one or several readers, or one or several listeners. A conversation is language between equals; a monologue is something of a power relationship fait accompli.

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Why I write

An early version of this post first appeared as a guest article for a friend’s blog

It is a truth (almost) universally acknowledged that writers write because they have to. A few cursory steps in any direction on the web will reveal many who claim to need to write, on an almost alimental level. George Orwell wrote an entire essay on the subject.

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